Work Less, Live More.

Simplify your creative business

It's time to stop doing #AllTheThings in your business and focus on the things that are making you money and making you happy.

Get started by streamlining your client screening and onboarding.

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Let's get started

Your successfully simple business consists of three steps:


Stop doing #AllTheThings in your business and cut down to just the things that get results.


A messy business is a stressful business. Get organized so you can work efficiently.


Still make it up as you go? Systematize and automate your business so you can save time and get away from your inbox.

Here's the truth:

Your creative business is too damn complicated.

woman holding too many books

You've been doing what the gurus tell you, hustling all the time, adding products on top of your services, creating funnels and LTOs and SLOs and a million other acronyms that are starting to make your head spin.

As a solopreneur, it's just too much.

Things start falling apart because there are so many moving pieces in your business and there's just you to keep all the balls in the air.

Is running a (multi-)six-figure business even possible without working yourself to death or hiring a giant team?

Yes, yes it is! That's what we help you do here at Successfully Simple™.

We've been there, done that, got the lousy t-shirt, and burned ourselves out trying to do all the things.

It's only once we started simplifying our businesses and implementing systems that we started seeing the results we'd been hustling for all along.

We want to help you too.

hey girl, heyyy.

I'm Erin, and I'm a systems geek.

I help creative business owners make more money without working more.

Not so long ago I was like you. Working constantly. Answering phone calls from clients on Sunday mornings. Staying up late to meet deadlines. Dragging my computer with me on vacation. Constantly checking my phone. Checking emails at my own damn wedding.

It took me several years to figure it out. That I didn't have to chase every shiny object, do all the things, or even hire a team to run a successful business.

It just took careful planning, lots of organizing, and polished systems.

Those components led me to founding Successfully Simple™, which is where I share exactly how to simplify creative business so that you can work less and live more.

Erin Flynn, with her hair looking amaaazing