Simplify your creative business today!

It's time to stop doing #AllTheThings in your business and focus on the things that are making you money and making you happy.

Here at Successfully Simple, we help you do just that. Get started by streamlining your client screening and onboarding.

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You're just four steps away from working less and living more

Chances are, you're wasting a LOT of time in your creative business doing things that aren't moving the needle. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Are you ready to gain some serious clarity? Get your 4-part framework to designing a simple and successful creative business!


I'm Erin, and once upon a time I was an overwhelmed creative entrepreneur like you. My computer went with me everywhere. I checked emails a million times a day. I was doing ALL THE THINGS.

And it wasn't very profitable.

Until I started doing less.

Now, I help other creatives (like you!) build profitable and sustainable businesses by streamlining their processes, communicating clearly, and delivering incredible value. I believe that your business should work for you, creating more freedom in your life.

Erin Flynn, with her hair looking amaaazing

Your creative business is too damn complicated.

Everything you get inside the Shortcut

You've been doing what the gurus tell you, hustling all the time, adding products on top of your services, creating funnels and LTOs and SLOs and a million other acronyms that are starting to make your head spin.

As a solopreneur, it's just too much.

Things start falling apart because there are so many moving pieces in your business and there's just you to keep all the balls in the air.

Is running a (multi-)six-figure business even possible without working yourself to death or hiring a giant team?

Yes, yes it is! We teach you how inside the Shortcut!