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How to manage your leads and clients

By Erin Flynn | June 7, 2021

Hey everyone, I’m Kendra, and I’m teaming up with Erin at Successfully Simple to talk about something that we often overlook in our businesses. And I wonder if you can pick up what that is. There may be a few things that you’re thinking about, that you may specifically need to be working on in…

a woman's hands using a laptop

The best Intro Packet format for your business

By Erin Flynn | May 24, 2021

You know you need an Intro Packet to streamline your client screening and onboarding… but you’re hung up on how to create it. What’s the best intro packet format? Should it be a PDF? A web page? A video? There are so many great options, it can be hard to decide, and unfortunately, lack of…

Behind the scenes: our hardest business decisions

By Erin Flynn | May 17, 2021

Making tough decisions is part of running a business. That doesn’t make them any easier! Find out the hardest business decisions our experts have ever made by tuning in to today’s episode! This season’s experts: Transcript: Erin Flynn: Hey there, Erin here. One of the things that we all face as business owners are lots…