Work Less.
Live More.

It's time to take the overwhelm out of your creative business and find your simple path to success.

(My simple path happens to look a lot like 2-4 hour work days, spending time with my family, and skiing whenever I want! What does yours look like?)

Erin leaving her desk behind and heading out to go ski!

Does this sound familiar?

Your creative business has gotten way too complicated and overwhelming.

You started your business for MORE freedom, but ended up glued to your computer, trying #AllTheThings but not seeing the payoff.

You keep thinking that if you hustle a little harder, add a new product or service, take another giant program, hire another coach, or join that new social media platform, you'll finally get there, but you're just adding more work to your plate, instead of cash.

You're missing out on spending time with your family because when you are, you feel like you should be working--and when you're working you feel like you should be spending time with your family. Everything's blurred together, and not in a good way.

It's overwhelming--all the work, all the ideas, all the things you feel like you SHOULD be doing, PLUS juggling family life too.

And it's frustrating, because you're still not where you want to be, in your business or your life.


The Successfully Simple Circle is here for you.

The Circle is an exclusive accountability mastermind and community for creative entrepreneurs who want to work less and live more.

Membership is your golden ticket to ending the hustle, increasing your profits, finally finding clarity, and getting un-glued from your computer screen.

Course + Community + Coaching

The Circle is the perfect trifecta to give you the skills, accountability, and support you need to reach your goals.

The Course

Your Circle membership includes access to a short, actionable training that will help you nail down YOUR vision of success, and the steps you'll need to follow to get there.

This isn't a one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter path, you'll learn how to get clarity on your own unique business and how to ensure that everything you put your time and energy into leads you closer to your goals.

The Community

Running your business in a bubble is impossible. You NEED outside eyes to help you see what you're too close to, and to hold you accountable to your goals.

With a supportive community behind you, you'll be asked to follow through on your plans, and have the ability to tap into others for motivation, inspiration, and expertise.

The Coaching

Need help with something? In our feedback forum you'll be able to post whatever you're working on and get expert advice and guidance.

This isn't a call you have to show up to once a month and if you miss it you miss out, you can post at ANY time, and you'll receive an in-depth expert response (normally via video!).

Inside the Circle you'll...

Get Support

You can't run a successful business trapped inside your own little bubble, You need support, and inside the Circle community, you'll connect with other creative business owners who are working towards their goals. You'll hold each other accountable, bounce ideas, find opportunities to collaborate, and create lasting friendships.

Create Your Master Plan

Your vision of success is unique, so the path you take to get there is also unique. It's time to stop working towards someone's else's vision, and following someone else's plan.
Inside the Circle you'll get help nailing down what really matters to you, and create a plan to get your business where you need it to be.

Be Held Accountable

Each week you'll be asked to participate in setting goals and reporting on their progress. Each month you'll do a review. And every quarter you'll set new goals and plans that will take you closer to your unique vision of success.
We'll be there for you to keep you on track and to keep you from chasing shiny objects.

Earn Rewards

Need some extra motivation? You can earn gift cards to places like Amazon and other fun rewards just for being committed to your goals. By sharing your goals and progress with the Circle consistently, you'll be able to cash in on your commitment each quarter, giving you a little extra motivation to get things done.

Learn via Short Trainings

Who has time for another giant course? Not you. Not me either. That's why the Circle trainings are designed to be fluff-free and completely actionable. Watch a short video (or read the lesson if that's your preference) and take action. Boom. Progress.

Shape the Future

Since this is an ongoing program, you'll help shape the future of the Circle by requesting content, groups for different topics, and whatever YOU need to be successful. We'll adapt and grow to meet our members' needs.

Take a quick tour!

Watch the video to get a quick tour of the Successfully Simple Circle and what we have planned!

What can you accomplish in the Circle?

It's up to YOU and your unique vision of success, no cookie-cutter outcomes here. But that said, here are a few ideas that the Circle can help you achieve with your membership:

  • Finally START the business you've been dreaming of
  • Get clear on what YOU want out of your business and life
  • Create a plan to get your business where you need it to be, to support the life you want
  • Plan your year for success--even in uncertain times
  • Pivot your business to a model that supports your goals
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Complete the things you've started (all those courses that are getting dusty!)
  • Automate your business to cut down on your workload
  • Get off the hustle hamster wheel and simplify your business for more free time

Wait, who the heck are you?

I’m Erin, and I’ve been where you are.

Once upon a time I was an overwhelmed creative business owner like you. My computer went with me everywhere. I checked emails a million times a day. I was doing ALL THE THINGS.

And it wasn't very profitable.

Until I started doing less.

Now, I help creatives (like you!) build successful, profitable, and sustainable businesses by getting clear on their personal vision of success and designing a business that gets them there. I believe that your business should work for you, creating more freedom in your life.

As a web designer I've been able to create hundreds of websites and help clients multiply their conversions and profits. As an instructor I’ve had the honor of teaching over 10,000 students to work more efficiently, crush their income goals, and spend less time in front of their screens.

I want to help you too, and I've created the Circle to do just that.

Erin Flynn dressed all in white--she'd never keep this outfit clean in real life!

Is the Circle for me?

The Circle is for creative entrepreneurs who...

Are course creators, designers, coaches, copywriters, or just about any product or service based business that does business online.

Want to reduce their workload without cutting their income (or even increasing it!).

Want to get clarity on their business goals and stop trying to reach goals set by gurus who they've never even met.

Are looking for support and motivation to achieve their vision of success--whether that's $100k+, three-day workweeks, creating a digital product, or all of the above.

connect to the successfully simple circle from your phone!

Connect from anywhere

You're busy. You can't always guarantee the time to sit down in front of your computer and watch a video or join in on a community discussion.

That's why besides an incredible desktop experience, we've also got an incredible app for both iOS and Android.

Whether you're at your desk, sitting in the pickup lane at school, suffering through a long layover at the airport, or hiding in your bathroom from your kids, you can connect with the Circle for trainings, chats, and community discussions.

If you're still reading this I know...

You DON'T need:

  • To follow someone else's idea of success
  • Another giant course you'll never complete
  • Hundreds of hours of content you'll never watch
  • A coach that thinks the only path to success is their path
  • A free FB group full of people who are just playing at running a business

You DO need:

  • To get clear on what success means to you
  • A clear process to follow to create your success plan
  • Short, actionable trainings that actually make a difference in your business
  • A coach that supports you in your vision of success
  • A supportive community of real business owners who are making their businesses work for them

The Circle has what you need.

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