No, actually not everyone can be successful

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“If I can do it, you can too!”

We hear this, again and again, especially on webinars trying to sell us into some sort of miracle program.

And the idea behind it generally really is true: the person saying it probably really didn’t go to college for what they’re now experts in, they probably don’t have a remarkably higher IQ than the rest of the world, and they’re not super-human.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone can be successful too.

Because what that person really does have is commitment. Something a lot of people lack.

And lack of commitment is why most freelancers fail. It’s why most people are NOT cut out to run their own business.

Freelancing takes a lot of drive. A lot of working through tough times. A lot of doing things you don’t want to do. A lot of showing up, even when you don’t feel like it. And yes, a lot of pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

You can’t put up a website, post once to Instagram, and sit back and wait for clients and money to just roll in.

And yet, a lot of freelancers I see do essentially that, and wonder why their business is failing, and why no one is hiring them.

Or they get clients, but their processes are a disaster, every client turns into a nightmare, and they wonder what why they have such bad luck when it comes to attracting clients.

Or maybe, they just want to wait to invest in their business until they earn a little more, even though they know the solution to their problem is available to them.

These kinds of freelancers are holding themselves back, and chances are, they’ll never be successful, or it will take them years to get anywhere close to where they want to be.

I know, because I used to hold myself back.

I used to wait for clients to come to me. And stress every month about where my next paycheck was coming from. I didn’t get clients regularly until I made the commitment to ASK for them on a regular basis.

I used to wing every project, not knowing what to do next, which trickled down into causing my clients anxiety and stress. I didn’t get GOOD clients until I made the commitment to clean up my processes and create a clear system to follow for my web design projects.

I used to think that I just had to make a certain amount of money before I could invest in my business. But I didn’t move my business forward until I made some investments that sped up the process and gave me a framework to follow.

A lot of a freelancers will fail.

That’s a fact.

Not everyone is willing to commit to doing things that are uncomfortable–like asking for a sale. So they’ll never get many clients.

Not everyone is willing to commit to creating a clear process for their services–which keeps good clients from turning into nightmares. So they’ll keep creating bad clients.

Not everyone is willing to invest in their business–which is so essential to being a professional, instead of someone with a hobby. So they’ll stay right where they are now.

Not everyone can be successful.

But those who are committed? The people who are willing to get uncomfortable, work ON their business, and make an investment? They’re much more likely to succeed.

So my question is, are YOU committed?

About Erin Flynn

Erin Flynn is the founder of Successfully Simple™, a hub for creative entrepreneurs who want to work less and live more. Erin’s mission is to help female creative entrepreneurs ditch the busywork and redesign their businesses around what success means to them. Find her on Instagram @SuccessfullySimple