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Create the life and business you truly want.

Discover Your Purpose. Set & Achieve Your Goals. Get Support & Accountability.

Work Less, Live More.

Are you tired of the constant hustle that leaves you feeling empty, stressed, and falling short of your goals?

Raise your hand if any of this sounds familiar!

Erin Flynn, looking like a hot mess at her desk because this is the before photo.

You don't have a clear vision for the future of your business--or life. You think you know what you should be doing, but don't feel fulfilled.

You've got BIG dreams but you never seem able to reach them. Year after year, you fall short. What the heck is going wrong?!

About halfway through each year, you lose momentum. Your plans that seemed to perfect at the beginning of the year just don't seem to be working out.

You're busy, but not productive, you're working hard and putting in long hours but feel like you're treading water.

You don't know where to turn for help all those free FB groups are a waste of time and your friends and family just don't get it.

You’re not sure what your next step should be, but you’re ready for REAL answers. You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that deliver ZERO results.

What if there was a shortcut to reaching your business goals and creating the life you want? (there is!)

You're invited to join:

The Successfully Simple Shortcut

Everything you get inside the Shortcut

The Shortcut is the fastest path to working less and living more.

The Shortcut is an annual membership hybrid of a course, planner, and community to support you on your journey to discovering what success means to you and reaching your goals. It’s everything you need to discover what success means to you and stay accountable to achieving your unique dreams.

This isn’t a cookie-cutter course, it’s a framework and support to take you from overwhelmed and over-complicated to simple and successful, with a focus on cutting your work hours so you can spend more time living.

This could be your life after joining the Shortcut:

You have clarity in what you want out of your business and life. And it's not what your parents or internet gurus told you you should want. It's what YOU decided you want.

You've still got big dreams but now you know they're actually achievable and you have a map to get you there.

You've got motivation, all year. And you're finally following through with your plans.

You've cut your work hours to 20 hours a week, or less! Freeing up time for you to spend with your family.

You have the support you need to bounce ideas, get feedback, and be held accountable to achieving the goals you set.

You know exactly what you need to do next in order to bring yourself closer to your goals.

Join the Successfully Simple Circle 1

Here's the plan:

step one

Join the Shortcut by hitting the button below

step two

Watch the video course and complete the worksheets

step three

Create a business and life that lights you up

step four

Stay on track with the planner and community

What do I get in the Shortcut?

The Shortcut is more than a course, it’s also a planner and accountability group of creative entrepreneurs who want to work less and live more. Together, they make up a complete framework for reaching your vision of success.

The Shortcut Course ($497 Value)

The Shortcut Course is short, actionable, and fluff-free. In just five steps, completed over a week, you’ll have the strategy you need.

Day one: Get clarity on what YOU want out of your business and life. Define your vision of success.

Day two: Review your business and what’s working and what’s not.

Day three: Set new goals for your business that will support the life you want.

Day four: Create a system for tracking your goals so you know you’re making progress--or course correct if you’re not.

Day five: Get the support you need to follow through with your goals and accomplish your plans.

These steps are completely customized to YOUR goals and what you want out of your business and life. And the lessons are delivered in both video AND written format, so that you can choose how you learn best.

Join the community!
The Successfully Simple Circle 4

The Shortcut Planner ($47 Value)

Stay on top of your goals with the Shortcut planner.

This planner can be used digitally, or printed off. Whatever works best for you.

Use the planner to set long-term goals, then follow-through with 90-day plans and daily actions.

This simple planner, when used regularly, keeps you focused on your vision of success and headed in the right direction.



The Shortcut Community ($997+ Value)

After completing the Shortcut Course, you can participate in weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual accountability check-ins inside the community.

Because the truth is: you can't make progress if you don't stay accountable.

By participating in community accountability check-ins you'll ensure that you're staying on-track with your goals, and get help course-correcting if you're heading the wrong way.

Unlike free Facebook groups full of takers, spammers, competitors, and trolls, Shortcut members are committed to helping others in the community.

We don’t do competition, we do collaboration.

And when we all work together and raise each other up, we all succeed.

The Successfully Simple Circle 3

You’ll also get...

Worksheets and calculators in the Circle

Worksheets, calculators and more! ($197+ Value)

Along with your lessons, you'll get actionable worksheets, calculators, and more so that you can take action and implement what you learn right away!

Community Monthly Themes

Community Monthly Themes ($597+ Value)

Inside the community we'll have a different theme for discussion each month, chosen to help you make progress in your business and reach your goals.

Takr Action Resources like printable planners and checklists

Take Action Resources ($197+ Value)

Extra resources like templates, checklists, printable planners, and more to help you take action in your business and see results quickly!

Total Value: $2,485+

Available at a special founding members price of $49.99/month or $599.99/year

Amy Riordan

Worth. Every. Penny.

"I started the Successfully Simple Shortcut as an unsure entrepreneur looking to expand my small social media company. While I believe myself to be an organized and goal-oriented person, I in no way expected the Shortcut to completely redefine how I do my business.

Erin and the supportive community helped me to clarify important pieces of my brand, set clearly defined goals, and be held accountable to reach them. I cannot say enough about the Shortcut and all that it offers. Worth. Every. Penny. "

- Amy Riordan

Wait, who the heck are you?

I’m Erin, and I’ve been where you are.

Once upon a time I was an overwhelmed creative business owner like you. My computer went with me everywhere. I checked emails a million times a day. I was doing ALL THE THINGS.

And it wasn't very profitable.

Until I started doing less and found others to lean on for support and accountability for reaching MY goals.

Now, I help creatives (like you!) build successful, profitable, and sustainable businesses by getting clear on their personal vision of success and designing a business that gets them there. I believe that your business should work for you, creating more freedom in your life.

I truly believe that doing less and getting the support to stay accountable to your unique goals are the key to success.

I want to help you too, and I've created the Shortcut to do just that.

Erin Flynn dressed all in white--she'd never keep this outfit clean in real life!

There's a reason why you're not hitting your goals

A legit reason.

It's because you're trying to do this business thing on your own.

Studies show that those who try to achieve long-term goals on their own have only a 10% success rate.

Wow, that's pretty awful, isn't it? It's no wonder things feel so hard!

But when you add in a peer support/accountability group, the success rate increases to 80%.

Do you want to increase your chance of success?

connect to the circle from anywhere

Connect from anywhere

You're busy. You can't always guarantee the time to sit down in front of your computer and watch a video or join in on a community discussion.

That's why besides an incredible desktop experience, we've also got a fantastic app for both iOS and Android.

Whether you're at your desk, sitting in the pickup lane at school, suffering through a long layover at the airport, or hiding in your bathroom from your kids, you can connect with the Shortcut for trainings, chats, feedback, community discussions, and accountability.

The Shortcut makes it easy to stay on-track, no matter where you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Shortcut for me?
The Shortcut is for creative entrepreneurs (like designers, copywriters, VAs, course creators, etc.) who are ready to: Get clarity on what they want out of life. Create a business that supports their unique vision of success. Cut their work hours so that they can enjoy their life. Connect with others for support and collaborations. Be held accountable to achieving their goals. If that sounds like you, the Shortcut is for you!

When do I get access to the course content?
Immediately after you sign up you’ll be able to dive into the first module of the Shortcut! The other four modules will be released daily for four days, to ensure you have time to focus on and complete each module before moving on.

How long will the course take me?
The Shortcut is designed to be actionable, and will take you 1-2 hours per day for five total days to watch/read and then implement. No fluff!

How much time will the community take?
We recommend you spend 15-30 minutes per week day in the community INTENTIONALLY interacting and tapping into the incredible brain power. But you could also pop in just a few days a week and still get incredible value and connections. The point is to interact though, not to lurk. The value is in the connections and feedback.

What makes the Shortcut different from other programs?
The accountability! As a Shortcut member you can participate in weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual accountability check ins, which will keep you motivated to reach your goals, as well as help you make adjustments if things aren’t going as planned (like, all of 2020, OMG).

PLUS, the connections, flexible framework that you can adapt to YOUR unique goals, and the ability to get feedback on whatever you’re working on. You’ve probably never seen a program like this before!

What if just want the course?
No one is going to force you to participate in the community. If you'd prefer to complete the program as a self-study, you can. I don't recommend it, but you do you.

What if I want to quit after a year?
You can! While we require a one-year commitment, at the end of that year you can choose to stay or go. We hope you’ll stay for the community and accountability, but if you want to leave you can download any worksheets or content you want to keep access to.

Can’t I do this on my own?
Maybe. I did, after all. But it took me years to figure things out on my own and find my community. I almost gave up several times. The Shortcut is your shortcut to success because I’ve already developed the framework for you, and the community is filled with others who have similar values and can support you on your journey. Remember: studies have shown that those with support have an 80% success rate, and those without have only a 10%.

Are there group calls?
Nope. In most group programs or memberships, you get ONE call per month with a coach. And if you miss it? Too bad. And if you have a question in between? Too bad. But the Shortcut is different. The Shortcut works asynchronously so that any time you have a question, you can ask in the community. We're here for you.

Why do founding members get a lower price?
Because we’re just getting started! As more members join we’ll make changes to the Shortcut and bring in additional support, making the community even better. But to do that, we need to charge more as the community grows. By becoming a founding member you get to lock in the best price, help shape the community into what you need, and yes, you’ll have to put up with a few tests and renovations as we get everything sorted. In exchange you get a lower price, for as long as you stay a member!

What if I join and decide it’s not for me?
Simply let us know within 7 days and you’ll get a refund. No hoops to jump through.

What if I fall behind?
That’s what the accountability check ins are for! The Shortcut is designed to help you stay on track with YOUR goals, so we’ll check in with you and help out if you’re heading off-course.

What's the difference between the Shortcut and Streamline Design Profit?
If you're familiar with my program for web designers, you might be wondering how the Shortcut is different.

Streamline Design Profit...

  • Is only for web designers
  • Is a done-for-you system designed to get you to charging $5k for websites
  • Has limited support
  • Is for beginner to intermediate levels

The Successfully Simple Shortcut...

  • Is for any type of service-based business
  • Gives you a framework, but you customize it to fit YOUR unique goals
  • Has LOTS of support
  • Is for intermediate to advanced levels

If you're a web designer and want a plug-and-play business model that you don't have to think about, that can take you to charging $5,000 per website, Streamline Design Profit is for you.

If you're not a web designer, or you want to understand how to make your business work FOR you, with guidance and frameworks to follow but freedom to change the system to fit YOUR goals (including multiple six-figures), The Successfully Simple Shortcut is for you.

More questions?
Email us and ask away!

If you're still reading this I know...

You DON'T need:

  • To follow someone else's idea of success
  • Another giant course you'll never complete
  • Hundreds of hours of content you'll never watch
  • A free FB group full of people who are just playing at running a business

You DO need:

  • To get clear on what success means to you
  • A clear process to follow to create your success plan
  • Short, actionable trainings that actually make a difference in your business
  • A supportive community of real business owners who are making their businesses work for them

The Shortcut has what you need.

To Recap:

Everything you get inside the Shortcut

Here’s what you’ll do in the Shortcut:

  • Get clarity on what success means to you
  • Audit your business to find out what’s working and what’s not
  • Set goals to get you where you want to be
  • Track your goals so you know you’re headed in the right direction
  • Get support (and give it!)
  • Be held accountable to achieving the goals you set
  • Gain clarity and confidence that you are building a business that works for YOU and your life--you're unique, and your challenges and goals are too!

I'll be walking you through how to do all of this with step-by-step lessons, downloadable resources, checklists, and more. You gets tons of templates to copy and paste, as well as my feedback via the community, so that you actually get the work done and implemented!

Isn't it time your business started working for you?

When you join the Shortcut you’re getting:

  • Fluff-free trainings focused on helping you achieve your unique vision of success
  • Worksheets, templates, or checklists to accompany the lessons and help you get the most out of what you learned
  • An amazing community full of your new best friends, collaboration opportunities, and expert advice
  • The accountability you need to reach your goals
  • The confidence and framework to redesign your business so that you can work less and live more

This course and community is specifically designed with your busy life in mind. You can watch or read the lessons, and materials are delivered via Google Docs/sheets so that you can easily access them whether you're at your desk or in the school pick-up line.
Instead of group calls (who has time to make those?) you can ask for feedback and get video responses inside the community at ANY time, instead of waiting a month for a group call that you end up missing because of a client deadline or sick kiddo.

Total Value: $2,485+

But as a founding member, you pay just $49.99/month or $599.99/year!

Become a Founding Member

The Successfully Simple Shortcut is only available at this rate for the first 50 founding members. After that, the price will increase to $75/month in order to provide the support needed to help members achieve their goals.

Why the no-brainer price? I want to make the Shortcut as easy and accessible as possible so that YOU can create your Successfully Simple business and get the support you need to see it though.

Become a founding member and lock in your low rate for life!

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For less than a pumpkin spice latte a day or three trips to Target "for toilet paper," you can get the tools and support you need to reach your goals for an entire year!

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    Annual commitment required for all plans. After the first year, founding members may cancel at any time. Partial years will not be refunded. 7- Day Money Back Guarantee: If you join the Shortcut and decide it’s not for you, simply let us know within 7 days and we’ll refund your money. No hoops to jump through, just an optional question as to why it wasn’t the right fit so that we can improve.

    What happens after you clickity-click that JOIN NOW button above?

    You’ll be taken to a page with your selected payment option, either $49.99 per month (annual commitment required) or $599.99 annually.

    You’ll put in your credit card details.

    After joining you’ll be redirected right away to the community, and get a welcome email giving you all the deets.

    You can dive in and get started, less than 5 minutes from now! Let's do it!

    Disclaimer: YOU are solely responsible for your success and results. Your results are dependent entirely on your effort, motivation, and commitment. We do not make guarantee your success or achievement of particular results. By purchasing our products or programs you agree that that is no guarantee for any specific outcome, and that you follow any instructions, advice, strategies, or other content or communications at your own risk. You agree to hold harmless any and all current or past owners, employees, or contractors of EEF LLC, as well as members of our communities that you may interact with. You take any and all advice at your own risk. You understand that with any business endeavor there is inherent risk, including loss of capital or customers, and you assume all responsibility for any risk. See full T&C.